Local disturbance 2018

Jacks Bar, 3030 thousand oaks dr ste 101, San Antonio

JC, MT, RT Productions Presents: The 15th Annual Local Disturbance! feat. BROTHERHOOD!!!

Astrixion-7:00-7:25 Deceive The King-7:40-8:05 A House Divided-8:20-8:45 Cerebral Desecration-9:00-9:25 (Andrew Bradford) Kingdom Collapse-9:40-10:05 (Donnie Canvas) GnarWolf-10:20-10:45 (Robsta) Coldcasket-11:00-11:25 Shattered Sun-11:40-12:10 BROTHERHOOD-12:25-???

$10 ALL AGES/ Doors @ 6pm/ Show is booked

Vendors: Texas Bearded Cartel The Devil’s Mic Gastronautica Gourmet Mac and Cheese Sinnply Black (Jewelry)

Photography: Esmeralda Juarez