22 Metal Salute presented by Reaper Santore

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The Pit Stop Bar & Grill, 14595 FM 439, Nolanville

(All ticket sales are digital and go towards our donation to 22kill)

August 3rd will be our most memorable and meaningful show of the year.

We will be headlining the Reaper Santore Presents - 22 Metal Salute music festival aimed at supporting the charity or 22Kill. 22Killl is an organization that stands to strengthen communities to combat suicide by empowering veterans, first respondents, and their families.

The main cause of suicide is severe depression.

We should all seek to recognize its presence in our friends and families. It’s all to often our loved ones suffer silently behind temporary smiles and fake social media posts. It’s important, more than anything, that you genuinely remind your loved ones, friends and significant others how important they are. Not only to you, but to the world they live in as well. One of the Universal languages of our species is music. Over millennia, people of different, skin color, languages, ethnicities, and beliefs connect and appreciate it. Whether that be around a camp fire amongst friends or in the brutal embrace of a wall of death. The metal genre in particular fosters the type of family and brother/sisterhood many people need to pull through depression. Understanding the importance of companionship, not just with your family and significant other, but with people that share the same experiences, and interests is the first of many steps of combating depression and ultimately suicide. Nobody should ever feel so isolated and hopeless that suicide becomes an option. Reach out.

Join us on Aug 3rd at The Pit Stop Bar in Nolanville Tx and help us raise money in order to assist 22Kill in there journey to help service men/women, first responders and their families deal with these ideations, actions and tragedies.

22Kill stands to create a community that raises awareness and combats suicide by empowering veterans, first responders, and their families through traditional and non-traditional therapies.

Metal Music being one of those "non traditional " therapies that has helped people all around the world, I knew 22Kill was the perfect organization I wanted to team up with to help my fellow service men/women.

Help us help the ones that swore an oath to protect us. Just because the battle is over, the mental war hasn't ended. It's our jobs to give back to those who are willing to give it all.

Event is 18+ only. I do Apologize for any inconveniences this may cause

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