From the recording Breaking the Silence (ep Demo)

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Sinner of the Flesh

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A streak of steel pierced through skin
Body’s spasm as Death takes control
"Is this the end?" you scream inside
Then He lifts you up and he rips you from your soul
A thousand-damned moan and howl from the pain
A few try to escape, but it's all in vain
He impales you, leaves you to rot for eternity
An eternity of pain
Just run away
Prolong your existence
Just know he'll catch you anyway
For those who defy
The thrill of the chase will consume you and break you down halfway

Through black you'll fall
Never reach the bottom
Too late to find the heart of the pain you bear
Intentions you've misleaded
Now it's time for you to suffer for your treachery
Sinner of the flesh

As the bottle shatters on the floor
You scream and curse everyone that let you down
Then from the shadows, Death rises up
To drag your mortal soul into the ground
Relive the past as it haunts you again
Gain sight of a fear that goes unnamed
Your screams, they're drowned out by an everlasting
An everlasting pain
The darkest of days
A world of dissentience filled with a race that fights amongst itself
The truth is misguided
It's hidden by the ones who have left us and thinking for themselves

Snuff the light out from your eyes

Over your shoulder, you'll see him closing in
Arms outstretched for you, and He'll begin
Rip from your shell your mortal life
An empty vessel left to die!
It's over for you, SINNER OF THE FLESH!